Sole protector

Welcome to VMT – Your trusted partner for premium shoe sole services in Australia!

At VMT – Handbag and Shoe Repair, we are proud to provide the highest quality shoe protection and sole replacement services in the footwear industry. Our commitment to excellence ensures your shoes receive the best care and attention they deserve.

Our special shoe sole service:

Transparent 3M silicone base:

Introducing our clear 3M Silicone Soles, perfect for new shoes and sandals. This innovative solution provides silicone protection for the soles of your shoes without affecting the structure of the sneaker or sandal. Peel it off after use and your shoes will be like new. Ideal for those who want to protect their investment without compromising style.

Imported TOPY and VIBRAM rubber soles:

Enhance your shoe performance with our imported TOPY and VIBRAM rubber soles, sourced directly from reputable manufacturers in France and Italy. These high-quality rubber soles provide superior slip resistance and optimal sole protection. Our precision adhesive technology ensures a secure bond, keeping your shoes in top condition.

Why should you choose VMT for shoe sole service?

  • Wide Choice: We offer a wide selection of top insoles to suit your preferences and requirements, ensuring your footwear is both stylish and protected.
  • Imported Quality: Our commitment to excellence extends to sourcing only the finest TOPY and VIBRAM rubber soles, imported directly from renowned manufacturers in France and Italy.
  • 3-Month Warranty: Rest assured with our 3-month warranty on every single replacement service. If you have any problems such as peeling or peeling, we will replace the entire sole at no additional charge.
  • Professional Application: Our professional technicians use an industry-standard adhesive process, ensuring the sole is firmly attached to your shoe, providing comfort, durability and slip resistance best slider.

How our service works

Are you ready to give your shoes maximum protection or a style upgrade? Contact us today to schedule shoe sole protection or replacement services at VMT – Bag and Shoe Repair. Explore our website for more details about our services and warranty terms.

Choose VMT for premium shoe sole protection and replacement – where perfection meets durability!