Hardware Plating

Restore your bag’s hardware

Unique Hardware Plating Service at VMT – Bag & Shoe Repair in Australia

Over time, the hardware on your beloved bag, including the logo and clasp, can lose its shine, tarnish, or even peel off the gold or silver coating, reducing its aesthetic appeal and overall value. body of your beloved accessory. Do not be afraid! At VMT – Handbag & Shoe Repair Australia, our Hardware Plating service uses state-of-the-art electroplating technology to address these concerns. We are committed to restoring your hardware to its original state, ensuring a lasting and radiant finish.

Common hardware problems:


Prolonged use can cause the hardware of your bag to become dull and dull.

Loss of coating:

The gold or silver coating on logos and clasps can wear off, reducing visual appeal.

Decreased aesthetics:

Faded or damaged hardware can reduce the overall aesthetic value of your bag.

VMT Advanced Hardware Plating Services:

Our Hardware Plating service at VMT – Handbag & Shoe Repair uses advanced metal electroplating technology to solve these problems. We are committed to using only the highest quality solutions such as 9999 pure gold and chemical solutions such as Nickel, Chrome and Copper, ensuring flawless hardware plating. The final step includes applying a transparent protective coating to enhance the durability of the plating.

Main function:

  1. Pure Gold Solution:
    • We exclusively use a 9999 pure gold solution, which is melted and plated directly onto your hardware, restoring its original shine.
  2. Chemical solution:
    • Our use of chemical solutions such as Nickel, Chrome and Copper ensures a comprehensive hardware plating experience, restoring the hardware of your bag.
  3. Protect the transparent coating:
    • To enhance longevity, we apply a clear protective coating, ensuring that your hardware remains resilient and retains its shine.
  4. Removing scratches:
    • Any scratches will disappear, and the brightness and color will be restored to their original glory.

Our hardware plating warranty:

Every Hardware Plating service at VMT – Handbags & Shoes comes with a 1-year warranty on the plating layer (excluding scratches), giving you peace of mind and assurance about the quality of our work.

How to take advantage of our services:

Are you ready to witness the hardware transformation of handbags? Contact VMT – Handbags & Shoes Australia today to schedule your Hardware Plating service. Visit our website for detailed information and care advice.

Rediscover the brilliance of your handbag hardware with VMT – Handbag & Shoe Repair in Australia – Where Excellence Meets Radiance!